Offering superb value, this keyboard from Xenta measures just 283 x 122 x 21mm. Taking up hardly any space on your desktop it can be used as a main keyboard when space is tight, as an emergency replacement in case of failure, or for use with a laptop, server or any other device which needs input from a keyboard.

This wired keyboard has a 1.5 metre cable with a USB connection.  Easy to use, simply plug the cable into the USB port on your computer and you are ready to go.  There are no drivers to install which means it can be used anywhere and with any Windows machine.  Despite its compact size the keyboard is a joy to type on making it ideal for the occasional user or student.  Its size makes it extremely portable and it can be taken anywhere and be immediately ready for use with any computer.

Xenta Super Compact Black Wired Keyboard - USB

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