Traxdata Full Face White Inkjet Printable CD-R 52x 700MB is well known high quality RITEK codec dye. Full face White printable allows you to design and print on it’s printable surface. Highly recommended by us

Traxdata Value 52x CD White Printable 50 Shrink

    • Maximum Storage capacity 700MB
    • Maximum burn Speed 52x
    • RITEK dye
    • Printable media for use with special inkjet printers
    • High quality inkjet printable surface
    • Full Face white Printable
    • Disc surface is quick drying
    • Wide compatibility with burners and software
    • Shrink wrap in pack of 50
    • Extremely long archive lengthPrincipal uses
    • Ideal for the exchange of data
    • Ideal for compilation of audio CDs
    • Ideal for compilation of MP3 audio CDs
    • Excellent for storage and exchange of photo and film data
  • Product come with 12 month standard warranty.  Should there be a fault with this product then please email us first for returns