Kingston's A400 480gig solid-state drive dramatically improves the responsiveness of your existing system with incredible boot, loading and transfer times compared to mechanical hard drives. Powered by a latest-gen controller for read and write speeds of up to 500MB/s and 450MB/s, this SSD is 10x faster than a traditional hard drive for higher performance, ultra-responsive multi-tasking and an overall faster system.

Kingston A400 480GB Sata SSD

SKU: 740617263442
  • Main Features:

    • 10x Faster than a hard drive
    • Upto 500MB/s read
    • Upto 450MB/s write
    • Ideal for desktops and notebooks
    • Limited 3-year warranty
  • Product come with 12 month standard warranty.  Should there be a fault with this product then please email us first for returns