DVD-R Media is a high capacity multimedia data storage medium that can accommodate a complete movie on a single disc, content rich multimedia or very high quality multi-channel audio. DVD-R provide superb video, audio and data storage and access.  Arita is an OFFICIAL brand name of the Ritek Corporation.  Due to Arita being a Ritek brand name, only the very best materials and dyes are used in the manufacture of these product

Arita Branded RITEK 8x Speed 4.7GB DVD-R - 50 PACK

SKU: 4719303510593
    • 8 x Speed High performance DVD Recordable media
    • Compatible with all drives
    • 120 min video recording
    • 4.7GB data storage
  • Product come with 12 month standard warranty.  Should there be a fault with this product then please email us first for returns